3 Tips to Helping Your Handyman Business Stand Out From the Crowd

3 Tips to Helping Your Handyman Business Stand Out From the Crowd

These days, doesn’t it seem like contractors are a dime a dozen? If you’re afraid that the repair business you have poured your soul into might get lost in the shuffle, don’t despair. There are several things you can do to outshine your rivals and get the attention you deserve.

Spruce Up Your Website

With all of the hard work and excellent customer service you are providing, you might have let your website fall by the wayside. Worse still, you may even have put setting up an online presence on the back burner. Correct these mistakes immediately; failing to do so can render you unknown to an ever-increasing number of potential customers who use the internet to find, research and book contractors.

If you’re too busy to take on this task or if you don’t believe you have the technological chops, invest in the services of a professional consultant who can take the guesswork out of the process and who can also provide ongoing maintenance and upgrades.

Use Social Media

How do customers find out about your website? One of the best vehicles is through a vibrant, dynamic social media presence. Some of the most popular sites include Facebook, Instagram and Yelp. Set up pages on the most popular sites of the day, keeping in mind that trends change and new options come on the scene regularly.

Encourage your satisfied customers to post reviews of your work, and consider giving them incentives for sharing your page with friends. You never know which of these contacts might someday become a valuable customer. Use social media to let your fans know about flash sales, promotions and special opportunities only available to loyal patrons.

Make Payment Processing Easy

All customers are aware that they will eventually need to pay you for the goods and services you provide, but there is no reason to make that process confusing or dragged-out. Fortunately, there are plenty of mobile options that make portable credit card processing for repair men fast and virtually effortless yet safe and secure.

Today’s solutions enable you to use your smartphone combined with a low-cost or even free reader and software package to securely accept customer payments from anywhere. No longer will you need to send out cumbersome paper bills and experience delays of weeks or months before getting the money you have earned.

Best of all, the fees you will pay are quite manageable, especially if you shop around to find the provider that best meets your business needs. If you are like most contractors, you will find that having portable credit card processing options for your repair business is one of the best investments you have ever made.

Making yourself heard above the din of mediocre competitors can pose a challenge for even the most determined entrepreneur. However, you can be several steps ahead of the game once potential customers can find you online and read all about your operations from the testimony of people just like them. Keep them happy by providing excellent services and a safe, uncomplicated payment experience, and they are sure to come back again and again.