3 Ways to Make Mobile Payments More Enticing to Your Customers

3 Ways to Make Mobile Payments More Enticing to Your Customers

You would think that customers would be flocking to embrace mobile payments. In spite of their apparent advantages, many buyers staunchly resist the appeal. Fortunately, there are some things you can do to get your NFC-enabled payment terminal humming with activity.

Why It’s Important

In a nutshell, increasing customers’ mobile payments is good for business. Doing so leads to a boost in revenue. After all, people carry their smartphones with them all the time; the same is not true for cash or credit cards. As a result, impulse purchases are more likely with mobile payments. Moreover, checkout times are faster, particularly quicker than the time it takes for a customer to dip their EMV chip card.

Finally, when your customer pays with their phone, your point-of-sale solution can capture their data, thus creating a gold mine of information you can use later for marketing purposes.

Here are three ways you can encourage customers to starting using mobile payments:

  1. Make it Clear
    One reason your patrons might not be using their phones to pay may be simply that they are unaware that you accept mobile transactions. Take all of the guesswork away by placing clear signs indicating that you accept Apple Pay, Android Pay, etc.
  2. Educate Wary Customers
    Once people know that you have the means to take their smartphone-based payments, some may need reassurance that these transactions are easy and secure. Take some time to develop a short, clear explanation about why mobile payments are safer than using a standard credit card since their card data is encrypted and the transaction does not take place without the customer’s unique fingerprint.
  3. Lure Them with Rewards
    Once you ensure that your existing rewards program is linked to your mobile pay platforms, your customers will have yet another reason to jump on the smartphone payment bandwagon. When they do, they will no longer need to keep track of a physical rewards card and can easily monitor points via email.

Smartphones look to be here to stay, so why not capitalize on them? Take a little time to upgrade your systems to accept mobile payments if you haven’t done so already. Train yourself and then your staff on the advantages of this platform as well as how to quickly and effectively use the equipment. Once a neophyte Apple Payer or Android Payer realizes the advantages, they may never want to conduct a transaction in another way again.