6 Ways to Boost Customer Satisfaction with Your POS System

6 Ways to Boost Customer Satisfaction with Your POS System

Your point-of-sale (POS) solution that enables you to transact customer credit, debit, and gift card payments is also a marketing tour-de-force. In an era when customer loyalty and engagement are the names of the game, you can’t afford to let its capabilities go to waste.

Make Your Business Memorable

Today’s buyers often feel overwhelmed by the sheer magnitude of their options. In days gone by, there may have been a handful of retail establishments that vied for people’s business. However, the internet has unlocked a global marketplace as well as robust tools that can help people find the best deals. How can you possibly make your enterprise rise to the top in these cutthroat conditions?

If a buyer’s in-store purchasing experience is memorable in the most positive of ways, that person will be highly motivated to return. Because of its built-in tools, your POS can be invaluable in creating this environment. For one thing, it can generate reports in statistics in real-time that enable you to make effective purchasing decisions that address customer needs and preferences. As styles and trends change, you can be flexible and evolve right along with them. Furthermore, a good POS makes it possible for your staff to be more efficient and better able to help customers in a timely fashion with exactly what they need. From a buyer’s perspective, this is the ultimate shopping goal.

As a merchant, your POS benefits you as well. When items fit customer needs, they move off the sales floor more quickly, minimizing the need for marking them down. Ultimately, you can capitalize on every inch of your floor space for optimal sales.

Provide a Personalized Milieu

Who doesn’t like to feel unique and special? Your POS’s customer relationship management (CRM) tool enables you to target promotions and messages to specific buyers, thus enabling you to increase business loyalty with virtually no effort on your part. Because your sales software enables you to generate customized reports, you can quickly get a snapshot of what a particular person has purchased over time. It then becomes a simple matter to send a text or email communication heralding new but similar products that you may be offering. “Since we know how much you love Product A, we wanted you to be one of the first to know about our newest and most exciting offers,” your message could say.

Provide What the Customer Needs When They Need It

If you fail to furnish what your potential buyer wants when they want it, there is an excellent chance that you have lost that person forever. These days, you simply can’t afford for your most sought-after products to be out of stock. Your POS solution minimizes the chances of this happening by giving you accurate, centralized inventory information just when you need it for all of your stores and websites. Since this data can also be accessible to your sales and cashier staff, anyone the customer talks to can provide up-to-date information about when an item will be available at a particular site or if they can get it sooner at another of your locations.

Keep the Lines of Communication Open

After someone has chosen your retail establishment above all others and made a purchase, it’s easy to think that your work is done. However, your job is just beginning. One of the most effective ways to keep people loyal, engaged, and coming back is to demonstrate transparency, excellent customer service, and communication from that point on. As you have probably already guessed, your POS solution can be one of your best allies in this process. With just a few clicks, your system can send an email receipt and provide the order and delivery information your customer is requesting. If they need to make a return for whatever reason, you can even set up your system to enable them to do so without needing a paper receipt.

Interface with Mobile Devices

Besides the modern POS, nothing has transformed the shopping experience more than mobile devices such as smartphones. As a business owner, you can maximize the powers of both technologies by ensuring that they are integrated. In other words, set up your POS so that it works seamlessly with tablets and smartphones in order to facilitate mobile purchases. If possible, jump on one of the most popular current trends by offering in-store pickup for those who pre-order products online via their mobile or desktop devices. Especially during extremely busy shopping times, such as during the holiday season, accommodating customers in this way can markedly enhance their overall attitude about your business.

In addition to working well with your patrons’ phones and tablets, today’s POS solutions offer mobile options of their own. With these, your staff can travel throughout the store with your customers, providing specialized information and help with products. In addition, they can process payments and assist with returns from anywhere in your retail venue, radically reducing bottlenecks at the checkout counter and drastically cutting down frustration. When buyers and staff alike are more relaxed, the entire mood reflects it.

Speed Up Checkout Lines

Even if you have implemented mobile POS solutions and self-serve kiosks in your store, you will probably still need a cashier. Thanks to your POS, you can set up contactless payment capabilities that allow those customers with digital wallets enabled on their smartphones to make their payments in seconds. This technology lets people place their smartphone near your POS’s contactless reader to initiate a transaction. Their identity is then verified via fingerprint, password, or facial recognition, and then the secure and encrypted payment is processed. While not all customers prefer to pay in this way, it provides those who do with a fast and tech-savvy way to get the job done.

Creating and cultivating an ever-expanding pool of dedicated customers is more important than ever. It’s the best way to ensure that your retail establishment does not get lost in the shuffle of local and worldwide rivals. If you want to keep people happy and coming back over and over again, use all of the many bells and whistles your POS has to offer. It’s one of the best gifts you can give to your store and your hard-working staff.