What Automotive Service and Repair Shops Can Do to Improve the Customer Experience

What Automotive Service and Repair Shops Can Do to Improve the Customer Experience

For many people, going to a repair shop to have their automobile serviced ranks right up there with getting a root canal in terms of negative perceptions. They cite frustration with the way the businesses are run, lengthy complications when the time comes to pay and an overall lack of personalized attention that permeates the whole experience. Fortunately, it does not need to be that way.

Poor Business Practices

By their very nature, auto repair shops are busy, chaotic places where staff are juggling multiple tasks and struggling to meet deadlines. When things go wrong, it can lead to very unhappy customers and the potential of losing them altogether. Some of this chaos is inevitable and cannot be minimized. However, you can transform your disorganization into order simply by getting a handle on your point-of-sale system.

How a POS Can Help You

Today’s POS solutions are far more than mere cash registers. Once you have the right one in place, you can use it to track your inventory, letting you know when you need to re-order parts. You can also use it to help manage your accounting and maintain a dynamic database of your customers.

If tax time traditionally makes you cringe, let your modern POS organize and keep track of your invoices and receipts. While all of this structure is invisible to most customers, it will shine through in many subtle ways that will result in your customers feeling comfortable in your shop and happy to entrust you with their vehicle.

Payment Problems

One frequent bone of contention that dissatisfied customers report is difficulties when paying. The process can be slow due to glitches with the shop’s credit card processing software or a staff member who is unsure how to use payment technology.

The vast majority of these issues can be solved by purchasing a cutting-edge POS, mobile credit card reader or other updated processing hardware and software that accept all types of payments including credit and debit cards as well as checks and money orders. Once the right system is in place, payment snafus can virtually be a thing of the past.

The Value of Customer Loyalty

If you have a modern POS, it will come equipped with a loyalty program feature that will change the way your customers view your business. Customer loyalty programs have caught on like wildfire, benefiting businesses and their patrons alike. You can use your POS and its customer database to easily build and tailor a program that rewards people for using your services, encourages them to refer friends and family and provides members-only coupons and discounts. Help people to feel even more like a part of your business family by sending them targeted emails in line with their purchase history.

There are many ways you can transform the car repair experience for your customers. If they know they are patronizing a well-run shop that is expertly staffed and equipped with the products they need when they need them, they are sure to recommend you to others. Add to that a seamless payment experience and a loyalty program that makes them feel cared about, and your success is virtually guaranteed.