Boost Holiday Sales with Fanminder Offers

Boost Holiday Sales with Fanminder Offers

Fanminder Offers Holiday Promotions

With just a handful of days before the official madness of the holiday season – and with merchants going into lockdown mode – it’s worth asking a simple question, “How can you extract those final few merchant sales before the end of the year?”

In a word, Fanminder.

Whether you’ve already incorporated Fanminder into your sales pitch or have yet to, the upcoming holidays present one of the ideal times to create some goodwill on Mainstreet with your new marketing services’ toolkit. Consider how consumers’ shopping behaviors have changed:

  • More than half of consumers will use their mobile to look up store hours, compare products, and purchase them.
  • Forty five percent of consumers will seek what to buy on social media websites.

Against this backdrop of obsession and fetishism with all things mobile and social, Fanminder was designed from the ground up to help merchants market themselves during the holidays, with:

  • Hundreds of holiday-inspired headlines and graphic themes based on every holiday.
  • Customizable branding so the business looks professional and they can compete with the big guys.
  • The ability to publish offers where a merchant’s customers are hanging out, notably on Facebook, Twitter, their mobile phones, email and even a merchant’s own website.
  • Social Offerbot, a feature that lets the user set an offer to recur on Facebook or Twitter to avoid manually repostings (eg, recur a $40 for $30 Gift Card offer on Facebook every few days during the holidays).
  • Or just use the scheduling feature to schedule a holiday season’s worth of offers in just a few minutes, so a merchant can get back to serving customers.

The easiest way to put a little holiday jungle into your sales pitch is to show Fanminder in action, don’t tell:

  • Get your very own demo account by emailing to request it.
  • Create a 1 or 2 Holiday-themed offers and send them as a text message to your own mobile phone. The offer will contain a link to a mobile-optimized offer page that will look perfect on the phone.
  • During your sales pitch, ask the merchant for his mobile phone number and text that offer to his phone. Ask the merchant to click the link and watch the WOW in his eyes!
  • Close that sale!

If you need help, please email Our Marketing Coaches and Sales Partner Support are here to help you get those last few sales.

Happy Hunting and Happy Holidays!