The Most Common Functions (and How to Process Them) on the Ingenico ICT220

The Most Common Functions (and How to Process Them) on the Ingenico ICT220

Taking credit card payments at your small business doesn’t require a pricey investment in new equipment. All you need is a reliable card reader to integrate with your current POS system.

The iCT220 from Ingenico is a simple, compact unit you can use with a dial-up or high-speed internet connection. It only takes a few minutes to connect and provides a range of intuitive functions to make credit card processing easy and convenient.

Getting Started with Your Card Reader

Setting up the iCT220 requires just a few steps. Unpack the unit and the associated cables, and locate the “magic box.” Connect either the phone cord or Ethernet cable depending on the type of internet you use, and plug in the power supply. Open the clamshell compartment on the top of the unit, insert the paper roll, pull out a short length of paper and close the door. The iCT220 is now ready to use.

Processing Payments

Customers can make purchases through the iCT220 using magnetic swipe cards, chip cards and near-field communication (NFC) services (such as Apple Pay on a smartphone). To take any type of payment, begin by pressing the green button to turn the unit on and hitting the “F” key to access the main function menu. From there, finish the transaction by:

  • Pressing “1” for transactions
  • Choosing option “1” for purchases
  • Entering the total amount and confirming with the green button
  • Taking the customer’s preferred payment method
  • Having the customer key in their pin if necessary

Once authorization is complete, print a receipt and get the customer’s signature. Pressing “1” prints a customer copy, and pressing “2” skips this step.

Cancelling Transactions

If something goes wrong with a transaction, the iCT220 lets you cancel it by:

  • Accessing the transaction menu
  • Choosing option “3” for reversal
  • Entering the password
  • Keying in the transaction amount

Receipts are printed at the end of a cancellation. This option is only available for the last transaction processed.

Issuing a Refund

Refunding a customer for past transactions is similar to a cancellation. Go to the transactions menu and:

  • Press “4” for credit
  • Enter your password
  • Enter the transaction amount and date
  • Process the customer’s payment method

Be sure to print a receipt for your records and sign it as confirmation of the refund.

Closing Out the Day

Batching credit card transactions through the iCT220 is necessary to transfer funds from payments to your business bank account. To do this, turn on the terminal. Hit “F” to open the menu. Choose “2” for balances and “3” for daily closing. Make it a habit to perform a closing at the end of each business day to ensure you get paid.

The Ingenico iCT220 adds credit card processing to any standard POS terminal, making it easy for your business to start accepting several new payment methods. Once you familiarize yourself with the basic functions, processing cards becomes second nature. Adding the iCT220 to your payment setup helps you serve a wider audience and grow your business with increased sales.