Help Manage Your Holiday Sales with a Reliable POS System

Help Manage Your Holiday Sales with a Reliable POS System

For many businesses, sales during the months of November and December far eclipse those during any other time of year. Advertising your products and training your staff are two of your best strategies when preparing for this busy season. One more thing you can do is use your mobile or stationary POS system to its full advantage.

Speed Up Your Lines

Long lines of customers mean profits, but they can also lead to frustration for staff and consumers alike. If you have a mobile POS setup, you can use it to thin out long lines of customers by doing a preliminary check-out while they wait. When they reach the register, paying is made fast because products are already scanned and recorded.

Or better yet, have a couple of employees walking around the store to finalize sales before customers even get in line.

Introduce Customers to New Products

Since people are already standing in line, why not use your mobile POS to introduce them to additional products? With this cutting-edge technology, you or your staff can use a POS tablet to highlight a particular item that seems compatible with merchandise the customer is already purchasing. Showing the product and adding it to a shopping cart amounts to merely a matter of a couple clicks, but it can mean big money for you. What’s more, there is a good chance that your customer will love the individualized attention.

Make it Easy for New Staff

Holiday help can be a bonus on the sales floor, but new employees also require training and sometimes a bit of hand-holding. Today’s POS solutions are so intuitive and easy to use that even your greenest worker can grasp the technology quickly. That saves you time and allows you to pay attention to other matters.

Gather Data for the Future

If you have recently taken advantage of low rate credit card processing promotions and obtained a modern POS solution, you’re in luck. It is far more than a way to accept payments. In addition to inventory capabilities, your system can also serve as a gatherer of valuable customer data such as email and physical addresses that you can combine into a database. You can then launch customer loyalty and other marketing strategies that keep people coming back long after the holiday season is over.

As you can see, your POS system can become a vital part of the operations of your store during the holiday season and beyond. Make full use of all of its many capabilities, and you will soon have a more complete, real-time understanding of how your enterprise is running. By helping you make the most efficient use of your staff, reduce long lines, showcase new products and reward your loyal customers, your POS might be the best holiday gift you receive this year.