How QuickBooks Credit Card Processing Can Help You Prep for Tax Season

How QuickBooks Credit Card Processing Can Help You Prep for Tax Season

When you were in the beginning stages of planning your small business, you may have had serious reservations about the financial end. With your math and accounting classes only a distant and hazy memory, you probably pictured yourself poring over ledgers and spreadsheets, agonizing in vain over your company checkbook. Fortunately, you can now put those fears to rest. Take some time to see for yourself what millions of other small business owners have already recognized: QuickBooks from Intuit can make your work life into a well-oiled and seamless machine. Here are some of the reasons.

All In One Place

Whether you’re maintaining your family’s grocery accounting or tackling a multimillion-dollar corporate budget, one principle remains true: your success will depend on your having complete access to all of the relevant information. Gone are the days when you had to riffle through drawers and envelopes filled with receipts and notes. With QuickBooks by Intuit , all of the data you need is kept in one central location.

No longer will there be any guesswork; you will always know exactly how much money you owe, what is owed to you and how much is in the bank at your disposal. All you need to do is sync QuickBooks with your bank account. Once you do, you can create reports, check your balance, send invoices, forecast sales and predict future expenses—all with just a few clicks.

Your Behind-The-Scenes Virtual Accountant

Think of QuickBooks as your discreet and dedicated right-hand employee who competently organizes the data you enter and automatically performs the tasks you request. This leaves you free to do the all-important work of managing and growing your business.

Best of all, you don’t need an advanced college degree in accounting. Your job is just to enter the sales, billing and expense information and let the software do the rest. If you make an entry error, your trusty QuickBooks program will alert you right away. With QuickBooks, you can even automate tasks such as invoice generation and emailing to customers, as well as report compilation and distribution.

Your Best Friend At Tax Time

It’s that time of year, and the last thing you want as an entrepreneur is to put off the inevitable reckoning with the IRS. That doesn’t mean; however, that it needs to be a nightmare. With QuickBooks at your side, you’ll be able to stay organized throughout the year, which is key to an easy tax filing.

Thanks to this software, all of your accounting information is readily available whenever you need it. That includes balance sheets, profit and loss, sales, statement of cash flows and much more. In just a few simple steps, QuickBooks will generate all the data you need to fill out your tax forms. That sure is a lot better than trying to make wild guesses or estimate on your own.

QuickBooks will give you numerous reasons to take advantage of your computer’s ability to effortlessly manipulate and organize mounds of scattered data. You’ll take advantage of software that millions of your peers have made into the number-one-selling financial program. You’ll rest easy at night, knowing that QuickBooks is holding all of your information safe, secure and centralized and stands ready to help you organize your business, not just for tax season, but year-round.