How to Attract Millennial Shoppers to Your Business

How to Attract Millennial Shoppers to Your Business

There are plenty of good reasons to want to entice Millennial shoppers into your physical store. Perhaps the most compelling of these is that this demographic represents the future for continued spending, which is of great importance to you as a business owner. The issue is how to get these busy, tech-savvy potential customers to walk into your physical store and later recommend it to their friends.

Make Guests Feel Welcome with WiFi

Younger shoppers are virtually guaranteed to have their mobile devices close at hand, so use this trend to your advantage. Set up a guest WiFi network that does not require a lot of time and effort for login. Shoppers will appreciate the fact that they don’t need to use data to research products, read peer reviews or show pictures of your items to friends on social media. Just be sure to keep this WiFi network separate from your own secure setup that you and your staff use.

Streamline the Checkout Process

Millennial shoppers are adept at multi-tasking, and time is of the essence for them. As a retailer, it’s your job to make the shopping and checkout experience as fast and seamless as possible. Instead of making people stand in long lines for the cash register, equip each of your staff members with a portable mobile payment device that accepts contactless payments from the sales floor. Virtually all modern point-of-sale systems also give you the capability of emailing receipts to customers instead of printing them out, a feature that adds convenience, saves on paper and shows customers how cutting-edge you are.

Stay on Your Toes

While today’s younger customers certainly are adept as a group in researching products and inventory, the pressure is still on for you and your staff. When someone does ask a question about something you sell, you and your workers should have a comprehensive knowledge not only of your products and where they are located on the floor but also of how to do research for similar items if you don’t carry what the shopper is seeking. This personal interaction is one of the key advantages that your physical store has over the internet, and it behooves you to utilize it to its full potential.

Reward Loyal Customers

Everyone loves promotions and rewards, and Millennials are no exception. Take advantage of their ubiquitous mobile phones by initiating a digital loyalty program that removes the need for customers to carry keychain or paper cards. Customers love the convenience of carrying all of their vital wallet and loyalty information on their phones and tablets.

Integrate Social Media into Your Marketing Strategy

Millennials aren’t the only ones checking Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat. Harness the power of social media by encouraging your customers to take pictures of your products and review their shopping experience in your store. Stay attuned to what’s hot on Pinterest and other sites, and find ways to bring these products into your physical store. When brick-and-mortar meets digital, positive things can happen.

Attracting and keeping today’s Millennial shoppers is one of the best ways to plan for your future. These customers are beginning to buy homes and have families of their own, which will significantly increase their spending. There is nothing better than being situated in just the right place at the right time to anticipate this growth over the coming years.