How to Replace Your Cash Register with a POS Card Swiper

How to Replace Your Cash Register with a POS Card Swiper

Someday, you will think back to the time when you used an inefficient, unsecured cash register for your business. You will wonder why you waited so long to obtain the full range of accounting, purchase tracking and productivity solutions that POS can provide. However, that day is still a long way off. At the moment, you’re all too aware of the advantages of POS, but you’re unsure how to proceed. Following the steps below will help you move toward the POS card swiper system that will catapult your business to the next level.

Lay The Groundwork

Before you make a purchase or sign on any dotted lines, get help from the experts to understand the intricacies of POS hardware and software. Don’t lose sight of the fact that their main agenda may be to make a sale. Only you and your team can understand the ins and outs of your particular business, so don’t let anyone fast-talk or bully you into making a premature decision.

What To Look For When Converting to POS

It is always best to purchase the POS software before you buy the hardware and other components. This can save you the aggravation of re-ordering and exchanging in the future. Often, you may be surprised to learn that your existing computer system can even integrate with the POS software, further minimizing your expenses. Don’t be dazzled by bargain basement prices. High quality, intuitive systems and prompt, available customer service make investing a little extra at the beginning an excellent long-term decision.

Do your homework in advance by talking to other business owners who have already made the transition to POS. You can definitely benefit from their experiences and don’t need to reinvent the wheel. Use online resources to get the full picture when it comes to the pros and cons of various options.

After You Buy

Once you purchase your new POS, the clock is ticking. Take this time to educate yourself and your employees about how to use your new system. This is particularly true when a peak shopping season is approaching. Make sure that your accounting program will work with your new POS. If it doesn’t, your learning curve is even steeper. Throughout this frenetic process, keep in constant communication with your staff. It is these people who best understand your current payment system and who will be on the front lines once the transition occurs.

Change can be paralyzing and frightening, and you may be looking at this transition from cash register to POS with great trepidation. At the same time, change is invigorating and can shake the dust and inefficiency out of all the hidden corners of your business. With care, preparation and help from the right people, the transition from a stodgy, inefficient payment system to a highly versatile and effective one may well be just the shot in the arm your store needs.