6 Ways to Increase Foot Traffic to Your Salon

6 Ways to Increase Foot Traffic to Your Salon

Most hair and nail salons have an established customer base. These are the people who reliably turn to your shop again and again for the services they need. But if you want to take your establishment to the next level, it’s also important to find ways to increase your walk-in traffic.


Because you are part of the beauty industry and must survive against brutal competition, you need to find ways to rise above your rivals. You already want your customers to feel pampered; lure new ones in with some tantalizing perks.

Provide free Wi-Fi as well as mobile phone charging stations. Offer simple refreshments such as small bottles of water and soda as well as individually wrapped cookies or cakes. Do whatever you can to welcome new customers – and don’t forget to prominently advertise these amenities outside your salon.

Make Winners

To increase foot traffic, you can also make coming into your salon appealing in another way. Make each first-time, walk-in customer an instant winner by letting them draw from a prize hat. From discounts on future services to branded T-shirts, you can promote your business while making newbies feel extra special.

Harness the Power of Smartphones

While you have many clients who regularly come to your salon, there are probably many others who have only shown up once or are infrequent visitors. This is where your mobile point-of-sale system can truly shine because it allows you to set up a customer database.

Once it is up and running, it can be used to notify people on their smartphones about sales and promotions. They can even receive a special notification when they are in the neighborhood. This strategy doesn’t just spread the word about your brand; it makes prospective customers feel special.

Host Events

You might specialize in hair or nails, but your business can also be the place to go in the neighborhood for fun events. Sponsor psychic readings, laser teeth whitening or smoothie-making seminars; the sky is the limit. Ultimately, everyone in your community will see your business as the beating heart of the area.

Educate Your Customers

No one in the beauty business wants to divulge their secrets to customers, but that doesn’t mean they can’t still learn from you. If organic products are one of your hallmarks, for instance, why not offer a seminar on how to make different natural hair conditioners, facial and nail scrubs? With these tips, your customers can maintain and enhance the treatments you provide.

Support Your Community

As a local business owner, you occupy a position of influence that can allow you and your customers to make a difference. Put yourself out there as a positive force by enlisting your customers to be change agents. You might host a blood or clothing drive, for instance.

There are countless ways to get your name out there. Be creative, have fun and keep your eye on your goals. Before long, you should see an uptick in walk-in customers.