Loyalty Programs – A Year-Round Reason to Celebrate

Loyalty Programs – A Year-Round Reason to Celebrate

With graduations, Father’s Day and Fourth of July quickly approaching, this means it could be a very busy time for your small business. But it’s equally important to leverage these high-traffic periods for the long-term and convert a transaction into a relationship. One great way to do this is with Groovv Offers.

Groovv Offers is a loyalty program that allows business owners to make real-time connections with their customers and specifically target them with promotions and sales. With a simple opt-in system, your customers can find out about deals they’re interested in via email, text or social media. This means greater sales opportunities and increased loyalty for a very low cost. And in terms of set up, Groovv Offers is easy to implement. So your business can be up and running in no time.

Here are some ideas for offers to run during this busy time of year:

  • For the graduate: Run promotions on things these people will need as they head off to college or take on the challenge of the working world. This could mean everything from clothes to bath towels to luggage. Whatever they need to get started, you can create a special with Groovv Offers intuitive template system. In a blink, those who have opted in will have access to whatever promotions you’re running, and you’ll have laid the groundwork for a long-term customer relationship.
  • Father’s Day: What better way to show all the dads how important they are than with a sale on things they like best – like electronics or sporting gear. With a targeted outreach through email, social media or text, you’ll be in a great position to close a deal now and again down the road.
  • Fourth of July: A discount on barbecue equipment? Yes please. The items you could promote via Groovv Offers are longer than the menu you’ll be serving on Independence Day picnic. And with Groovv Offers real-time dashboard, you can quickly find out what deals are working best for you.

For more information about Groovv Offers, please visit our website http://www.groovv.com/product/offers/ or call 800-335-0520.