Managing Consumer Expectations During the Christmas Rush

Managing Consumer Expectations During the Christmas Rush

If yours is like many businesses, the Christmas holiday season represents a large portion of your annual sales. In order to optimize your success during this busy time, you need to adopt proactive strategies that will induce your customers to spend more and refer their friends. Some of these solutions may surprise you.

Customer Service Enhancement

During this stressful time of year, customers appreciate a positive and seamless buying experience. That translates into staff who know the available products and where to find them, a store that is well-organized and a checkout procedure that is as fast, secure and hassle-free as possible.

If you have a good relationship with the customer service representatives at your small business credit card processing company, take some time before the rush starts to speak with them about how you can make the most of all the features of your point-of-sale (POS) system to streamline checkout. Once you are set up to accept mobile and EMV card payments, you can cater to the needs of a wide base of your customers while simultaneously speeding up the process and ensuring the security of the transaction.

Reward Loyalty

The holiday season is a great time to provide incentives to your regular customers. Before the craziness starts, set up a customer loyalty program that will give your consistent patrons a reason to buy from you between Thanksgiving and Christmas.

The good news is that your POS software may already be equipped to help you set up and maintain your loyalty program by storing customer contact information and enabling you to track purchases. As a result, you can give loyal customers relevant and valuable discounts right when they need them: during the holiday buying season.

Tracking Inventory

Your POS’ arsenal of tools also includes the ability to track inventory. By helping you keep your finger on the pulse of what is selling and what is not, you will never again be caught unawares when a popular product goes out of stock. Your POS can also assist you by allowing you to compile sales reports that can help you project what you will need months in advance. When things get crazy after Thanksgiving, it will surely be a load off your mind to know that you won’t have any nasty inventory shortfall surprises.

Speaking of the unpredictable, surprises of any kind over the holidays should be limited to the gifts you give and receive. As a business owner, your success during this frenetic time revolves around predicting trends, minimizing the chances of confusion and frustration and making your customers’ experiences as positive as possible. High levels of organization and planning can help you achieve this goal, so don’t be afraid to start early. A little advanced preparation can lead to a very merry and profitable holiday season.