How Merchants Can Benefit From Targeting Smartphone Users

How Merchants Can Benefit From Targeting Smartphone Users

You could have the best products, the most amazing store and a staff second-to-none, but if you don’t possess a solid mobile marketing strategy, you will lose out. Those who ignore smartphone users do so at their own peril. Be one of the proactive entrepreneurs who benefits from this ever-growing population.

Smartphones Are Everywhere

Recent Facebook research shows that 73 percent of shoppers always have their smartphones close at hand. Google data suggests that the average smartphone user spends 177 minutes per day on his or her device. That translates into a lot of people devoting a great deal of time to equipment that you can use to communicate information about your business. It can be done in many ways, from social media to location-based techniques.

Considering that global smartphone usage is estimated to exceed the use of all other devices combined by 2018, there is no time like the present to get your mobile strategy off the ground.

Make Mobile Marketing Work for Your Business

There are several ways you can fit the smartphone revolution into your successful business plan:

  • Concentrate on your target audience. Figure out the best ways to engage them on their terms, i.e. when and where they want to be met. Today’s niche customers particularly appreciate interest-based, customized attention that takes their past purchases into account and suggests relevant products that they might like to explore in the future.
  • Learn how your customers’ buying process evolves. Increasingly, people look into various channels and media before coming to a purchasing decision. The more you know about this process, the better you can use the information to your advantage.
  • Be sure that you have a mobile-friendly website. Keep in mind that 29 percent of all customers will click elsewhere if they don’t immediately find what they need. If applicable, also consider including an app that rewards customer loyalty, displays featured products and alerts customers to sales and other promotions when they are near your store.
  • Advertise on social media. A lot of the time consumers spend on their smartphones involves catching up with others over social media. Take advantage of the opportunity by maintaining a social media page for your business, and keep it updated with offers and promotions that can be delivered through POS customer loyalty and marketing programs.
  • Don’t forget about email. People often use their smartphones to access email, and it’s a great way to disseminate time-sensitive information quickly. Thanks to your modern point-of-sale software, generating these messages can be made virtually effortless.

Let Today’s Technology Make Customer Payments Easier

No doubt, you have seen mobile equipment such as readers and tablets being used by patrons and merchants during checkout. Using near field communication (NFC) technology that encrypts the transfer of customer data to the payment gateway, people can pay simply by placing their mobile phones near an NFC payment reader.

For busy consumers for whom time management and security are high priorities, these modern checkout strategies can provide an important reason to continue to patronize your business. Add customer loyalty programs, coupons and other promotions, and you are likely to get the additional “word of mouth” business you need to grow.

Smartphones are here to stay, and that can be good news for you. Incorporating a mobile strategy into your marketing and sales plans will take some time at the outset, and it could seem overwhelming if you are not particularly tech-savvy. But with some research, patience and perseverance, you can embrace this dynamic technology and let it help you reach more customers, more often.