The Advantages of Using Your Mobile POS on a Tablet vs. Your Smartphone

The Advantages of Using Your Mobile POS on a Tablet vs. Your Smartphone

In recent years, businesses both small and large have begun to embrace mobile point-of-sale systems. After seeing the many advantages they bring as compared to the old-school stationary models, switching to these cutting-edge solutions has been a no-brainer for many retailers.

Today, an increasing number of sellers are discovering that using tablets vs. smartphones for their mobile credit card processing needs is a preferable option.

Avoiding Delays

Mobile POS systems have revolutionized the way restaurants and retailers do business in a wide variety of ways. Perhaps most notably, they help merchants by cutting down on the numerous delays that can occur in a business. For restaurateurs, for example, mPOS systems can make taking food orders much faster and more accurate, and allowing customers to pay with credit right at their tables eliminates unnecessary steps. Retailers can cut down long lines by enabling associates to process purchases on the floor instead of at the register.

While these tasks can be accomplished by mobile phones and POS tablets alike, the latter provide a larger and more visually attractive display that makes performing ordering and purchasing tasks easier for both customers and staff members.

Boosting Sales

It might appear to be small in size, but a tablet packs a great deal of selling power when it is placed in the hands of your associates. Armed with this tool, your staff can easily search for information and quickly answer customers’ questions about your products. Should the item they want be out of stock, your staff can search for alternatives right on the device, helping to ensure that the customer does not leave your store in favor of buying from one of your competitors.

What’s more, the tablet can provide a way for your employees to upsell additional items that may complement what the customer is already buying, all without ever leaving the floor. These benefits are possible because of the larger size, sharper images, and more vivid colors that a tablet can display.

Perform Vital Business Operations

When it comes to today’s mobile POS solutions, one of the biggest selling features is their ability to automate many of the tasks that once meant hours of grueling work for business owners. No longer do you need to strain your eyes over payroll books or inventory lists when your mobile POS has built-in mechanisms to complete tasks and generate reports at the touch of a finger. With their enhanced storage and speed capabilities, tablets enable you and your staff to check inventory, generate reports about past sales, predict future sales trends, and manage schedules with ease.

Easy Upgrading

Data breaches are an unfortunate reality in today’s commercial world, and keeping your equipment updated is one of the best ways to prevent your business from becoming the next victim. Because tablet POS solutions interface easily with merchant account provider sites as well as traditional app stores, ensuring the devices have the latest security features is fast and easy.

Less Time-Consuming Training

Regardless of what technology you choose, training your staff in its use is a necessity. In years past, teaching associates how to operate a cash register and a stationary POS that took credit and debit cards could be quite a long and arduous process.

Fortunately, today’s mobile POS tablets are virtually indistinguishable from the equipment that many of your staff already use in their personal lives. That makes instructing them in the business uses of your tablet much faster and more intuitive. Because time is money, faster training times mean that your employees can resume their regular duties more quickly, leading to potentially bigger profit margins for you.

Enhanced Versatility

Go to the Google or Apple app store, and you will notice that there is a whole subcategory of applications that are specifically designed and enhanced for use with tablets. These niche items provide you with premium features designed specifically for the larger screen and storage capabilities of tablets. When compared to what is available only on smartphones, the environment of the tablet is significantly broader and richer.

Portability and Flexibility

Mobile POS solutions enable you to take your business on the road. Whether you go to the craft bazaar or farmer’s market in your own town or to a trade show on the opposite coast, these portable powerhouses enable you to bring a lot to the party.

You might not be able to lug your entire inventory across the country, but your larger-screen tablet lets you demonstrate products to customers, upsell additional items and consummate the purchase from wherever you are. All that remains is for you to go back to your physical store, box up the products and mail them off. If you had not had the versatility and visual punch of your tablet POS on hand, chances are good that you would never have made that sale.

There may soon come a time when countertop cash registers and stationary POS systems are a thing of the past. As more and more retailers, hospitality professionals and restaurateurs recognize the advantage of mobile POS options, traditional payment solutions become less and less compelling. If you want to take your retail enterprise or eatery to the next level of customer service and profitability, this might just be the right time to embrace the versatility, portability and power of today’s POS tablets.