Why Mobile Technology Is Crucial in 2017

Why Mobile Technology Is Crucial in 2017

Seven billion: that’s the number of people across the globe who will be using at least one mobile device by the year 2020. As a business owner, you cannot afford to overlook the impact that this mobile revolution will have on your sales. Prepare yourself now by making your business marketing and payment systems compatible with tablets and smartphones.

Update and Upgrade Your Website

Although there may not be many of you out there, there may be a few merchants who still have not launched a website for their business. Establishing an online presence is critical, even if it means hiring someone to do it for you.

If you are already playing in the e-commerce field, make sure your site is optimized for mobile traffic. Simply use your own smartphone’s internet browser to go to your site. If you can’t access all of its features or you site is not responsive to the size of your screen, it’s time for some improvements. By making them, you will get more business from your established customers and rank better on search engines in order to attract new ones.

In addition, if you own a business with an e-commerce site or website that should make your products available for sale online, make sure your online payments capabilities are up-to-speed.

Make Your Payment Systems Cutting Edge

Mobile technology, including portable credit card scanners, is becoming a part of everyday purchase transactions. These innovations enable clerks and restaurant servers to accept payments anywhere on the sales floor as well as miles away from headquarters at farmer’s markets, fairs and expos.

These days, smartphone and tablet users have built-in access to digital wallets that can securely store their credit card information. This can make the payment process as easy as bringing their phone close to your near field communications (NFC)-equipped card reader for secure processing.

You might be surprised to learn that adopting mobile payment solutions is not as expensive or complicated as you fear. In fact, some processing companies make NFC-capable equipment available for free. What’s more, the benefits will soon become apparent in the form of happier customers, faster and more secure transactions and less harried staff.

The Evolution of Computers and Phones

Not so long ago, many of us had several computer devices: a desktop, laptop, tablet and a smartphone. These days, the desktop is quickly being phased out in favor of tablets that also function as laptops. In addition, the smartphone has become so widely adopted throughout the world that it is increasingly being used in lieu of cash for many payment and business transactions. This trend is sure to continue and even accelerate, making the acceptance of mobile wallet payments especially important for business owners who want to remain competitive.

Among several others, you have two huge priorities as a business owner. You must attract new customers while keeping your loyal ones. By riding the crest of the mobile phone and tablet trend, you can accomplish both goals.