NFC, Mobile Wallet and Your Business (Part 3 of 3)

NFC, Mobile Wallet and Your Business (Part 3 of 3)

Our most recent blog posts have focused on helping you understand what NFC is and how it works in the mobile wallet. Additionally, we explained the growth of mobile payment and the benefits it can bring to your business.

Now that you’re up to speed, you’re probably wondering how your company can get the equipment needed to accept transactions through systems like Apple Pay. In today’s post, the last of our three-part series, we’ll do just that.

Can I get NFC-ready devices from Total?

Yes. Total Merchant Services has been investing heavily in technology and the devices we provide through our free terminal placement program. Our partnership with Ingenico, the global leader in seamless payment, means we can offer our clients NFC-ready terminals that work with mobile wallet applications like Apple Pay, Google Wallet and Softcard. Additionally, all these devices are EMV compliant. This means they have the latest in fraud-protection and are ready for the October 2015 changeover.

What steps are required to get an NFC-ready device from Total?

To receive an NFC-ready terminal from Total, please call your account executive or contact our customer service at 888-848-6825 ext. 9400. Once you place your order, you should receive your new equipment in about 3 days. As for installation, each device comes with a quick reference guide with all the step-by-step instructions to get the system up and running. Of course you can always call our activation team at 888-848-6825 ext. 9409 if you need any assistance.

For more information about our NFC-ready terminals, feel free to visit our website