Feature Spotlight: Publish offers on your site with Magic Offer Box!

Feature Spotlight: Publish offers on your site with Magic Offer Box!

Magic Offer Boxes: The easy way to add clickable, live offers to your website.

No more stale, expired coupons on your website! And no more coupons to print out either. Now, you can publish as many offers as you’d like to as many places as you’d like on your website – all from within Groovv Offers. Visitors grab these live offers to their phones and can easily share it with their friends.

Best of all, insert a little bit of HTML code just one time on your website, then never touch website code again. Magically, you’ll be able to swap out old offers for new ones or edit an offer anytime – right from within Groovv Offers. And every Offer Box comes with tracking so you know exactly how your website contributes to driving sales at your business.

How it works:

  • Create an offer (complete Steps 1 and 2) and get the HTML code for the offer box in Step 3.
  • Insert the code in one or more spots on your website.
  • Visitors to your website click to view it, then send it to their phone as a text message and show it to your staff to redeem it and Groovv Offers tracks results.
  • See impressions for each Offer Box, and views, clicks, and redeems for each offer.
  • Use Groovv Offers to magically update your Offer Box with new offers without touching your website!


With these simple steps you’ll be able to turn your website visitors into more sales!!