Is Your Small Business in Need of a Virtual POS?

Is Your Small Business in Need of a Virtual POS?

Back in the dark ages of the internet, customers viewed available items on a website, contacted the seller by phone with payment information and waited for their purchases to come to their door. Today, small businesses can make online shopping easy for their customers by incorporating a virtual point-of-sale system.

Virtual POS Explained

You may have already seen this technology in action when conducting your own online purchases. After selecting the items you want, you are redirected to a payment page which is, in reality, a virtual terminal/virtual POS. It works as a payment gateway where you can securely input your credit card data. Your card is then authorized by the merchant right then and there, leading to a transaction that is infinitely more efficient and secure than the online purchases of old.

The Benefits of Converting to a Virtual POS

Streamlined and secure payments are just two of the reasons why many businesses are using shopping cart credit card processing. In addition, a virtual POS solution can be customized to integrate effortlessly into your website. Place payment links and buttons in the most convenient and intuitive places on your site, and make the check-out process easy.

Since many customers simply abandon their shopping carts if they become frustrated with a website, using virtual POS links and buttons can greatly increase your conversion rate. Furthermore, you can easily tailor your virtual POS to match the color scheme, fonts and design of your page. Customers will not feel nervous when they are redirected to the payment page since it looks like the page they just left.

Convenience and portability are two other features that make virtual POS or virtual terminal solutions so compelling. Customer transactions can be conducted quickly and easily using a virtual terminal – not only from your website but also from payments made by phone or mail.

An online management portal and email alerts can keep you informed about purchases as they occur as well as any red flags that signal possible fraudulent activity. Some virtual terminals come as part of a complete online payments suite, which could allow you to set up convenient payment methods like recurring billing or e-invoicing.

In short, your virtual POS offers you the ability to sell your products and services on the road, whether across town or across the globe. All you need is an internet connection and a computer.

With each passing year, more customers are shopping online using credit and debit cards, and most all customers appreciate the ability to pay how they want – whether in person, online, over the phone or via mail. Using a virtual terminal/virtual POS will help you serve your customer now and in the future. Don’t be left behind.