The Technology of Mobile Credit Card Swipers

The Technology of Mobile Credit Card Swipers

Efficient, convenient, cutting-edge, and even cute: these are adjectives often used to describe today’s mobile credit card swipers. They’re becoming the best friends of small business owners across the country. Here are some reasons for their growing popularity.


You don’t need to be Steven Hawking to grasp how to use these devices. And isn’t a speedy and seamless payment experience exactly what you want with each customer? Mobile card swipers connect through the headphone jack of a mobile phone. Software that the user pre-loaded into his or her phone reads the card and enables the transaction to take place. There are no long waits, harrowing phone calls or double swipes.


In the beginning of the mobile swiper revolution, many entrepreneurs had qualms about the safety of their transactions. Exactly to whom and where was this information going? Was it as safe as the traditional landline card payment solutions? These days, you can put those fears to rest. Major mobile swipers are backed by two of the most respected and trusted financial firms that specialize in online payments and tax software.

Economical Payment Structures

You may have seen advertisements for the most popular mobile card swipers. Did it surprise you that they are often free? The reason is that you will pay when each customer swipes, as opposed to shelling out cash for the hardware. Specific payment structures vary by company, and you do have a variety of options. For example, you could pay a flat 2.75 percentage on all sales, or fork over a specific monthly fee if you don’t sell over $10,000 in items. Take some time to evaluate your business’ needs. Before choosing among the most popular mobile swipers, come to a rough estimate of the dollar amount of purchases you will have in a month.

If Trouble Strikes

While these swipers are easy to use, there is always the chance that issues or questions arise. No matter what mobile swiper you choose, you will be able to take advantage of some form of customer support. However, the level of handholding can vary from getting a reply after posting a question on Twitter to actual phone help from a real human being. Before you choose your mobile solution, be sure you are comfortable with the degree of customer service they provide.

Now that you know a more about what’s behind these new card swipers, the next step is up to you. Take time to discern the needs and goals of your own small business. Make a few calls to learn how which options best benefit you. Before you know it, you may be joining the mobile swiper revolution.