Things to Consider When Purchasing a Payment System for Your Restaurant

Things to Consider When Purchasing a Payment System for Your Restaurant

How long has it been since you upgraded your restaurant’s point-of-sale system? Modern diners are demanding more from their favorite eateries, and a robust POS solution can help you provide the services they expect. Consider these critical points as you shop around for a new payment system.

Available Services

Each sector of the restaurant business has different needs. Today’s POS systems provide a range of services to help you cater to your specific customer base and streamline operations:

  • Gift cards
  • Inventory management
  • Loyalty programs
  • Mobile accessibility
  • Online orders and reservations
  • Third-party integrations

Whether you need a few of these services or require something specific like a credit card slider, make sure the POS provider you choose has reliable customer care and includes software updates as part of its services.

Number and Size of Sales

Payment systems for restaurants may be localized or cloud-based, and the best option for your restaurant depends on how many orders you typically handle in a day and how much diners spend on their meals. Localized systems store software and information onsite. Cloud-based systems connect to remote servers and run on a software-as-a-service model.

Large restaurants do better when using local systems with the ability to handle high demand, greater complexity and larger numbers of diners. However, if your establishment is small and you don’t have the budget for an extensive in-house system, a cloud service can provide what you need.

Preferred Payment Methods

How do the customers at your restaurant typically pay for their orders? Your POS solution should be equipped to handle as many payment types as possible, thereby providing flexibility for customers. The balance of payment types varies between sectors, but it’s likely you’ve seen an increase in modern payment methods over the past year. If you serve a younger audience, it could be beneficial to invest in hardware that accepts NFC and mobile wallet payments.

Ease of Use

The wait staff at your restaurant should be able to input customer orders and print out checks as quickly as possible to prevent delays and ensure a good dining experience. Before upgrading your payment system, make sure the POS software you choose is easy to learn and simple to use. This ensures you won’t spend an eternity getting the system set up and minimizes training time for staff members.

Costs and Fees

Weigh the benefits and features of different POS systems against initial setup costs and associated monthly fees. The cheapest solution isn’t always the best, and some “budget-friendly” options may wind up being more expensive than they seem. The system you implement should include upgrades and have an understandable fee structure for processing credit card payments.

Modern POS devices and software can handle the complexity of restaurant orders and deliver the quick service to which today’s customers have become accustomed. Whether you own a fancy five-star establishment or a cozy down-home café, a POS system tailored to your needs and processes is essential to running a successful operation.