Tips for Growing Your Business in 2019

Tips for Growing Your Business in 2019

Now that you have closed the books on 2018, it’s the perfect time for setting some realistic goals for the year ahead. Strengthening and enhancing your business is probably at the top of the list. Give your company an infusion of energy by taking action right now.

Create a Buzz

You already know that customers are your life blood, and that you can never rest easy simply by keeping the ones you already have. For that reason, it’s crucial to find ways to get your current patrons talking about your business with their friends. Social media gives you the ideal medium for this type of viral loop creation. Start by offering product discounts or freebies to customers who refer others, perhaps coming up with a contest to incentivize everyone even further. The results can amount to a surprisingly robust influx of interested potential buyers.

Partner with Influencers

Internet celebrities such as the Kardashian have millions of followers and regularly promote products on their channels – with jaw-dropping levels of success. That’s because they let their fans into their lives via their video blogs and foster trust. If you’re a small business owner, however, you probably don’t have the financial resources to hire one of these large-scale online celebrities to tout your product or service. Nevertheless, you can still capitalize on the influencer marketing phenomenon by hitching your wagon to the star of one of the numerous micro-influencers who boast anywhere from 1,000 to 10,000 followers.

Start Using Video Content

The power of influencers comes in part from their approachable and frequently updated videos. With very little effort and by using free online tools, you can make your own content that you can then upload to social media sites such as Instagram and Facebook. In an era when people constantly view visual content on their smartphones, you can’t afford to miss out on this easy and fun way to connect with current and potential customers.

Incorporate a mPOS Solution into Your Business

If you and your staff continue to take payments only from a stationary point-of-sale system at a checkout counter, think about how much more freedom you could have if you could unchain this aspect of your business. A mobile point-of-sale (mPOS) lets you do just that by using a smartphone or tablet as your “register.” All you need to do is to download mPOS software and connect it to a card reader. Once you do, your customers can make purchases throughout your store or anywhere else you choose to take your operations. If you have ever wanted to display your products at a fair or trade show, mobile POS technology now makes it possible to streamline the process.

The 21st century is an exciting time to do business, but fierce, globalized competition can make it daunting. By stretching and modernizing your company’s capabilities, you can keep up with even your most aggressive rivals.