Top POS Trends Happening in the Restaurant Industry

Top POS Trends Happening in the Restaurant Industry

If your restaurant has been limping along with the same ordering and billing process for years, you may not even know just how inefficient and prone to error it is. Computers and automation have their downsides, but they can definitely help you leave your doddering old-school system in the dust. It all starts with getting a modern mobile point-of-sale (POS) system.

Streamline the Ordering Process

You probably already have a POS solution that enables you to accept credit and debit cards; perhaps it even has features that have enabled you to implement a customer loyalty program. That’s all well and good, but mobile POS, available from virtually all credit card processing companies, is the way of the future. It drastically reduces the potential for error by enabling servers to take and modify orders on their tablets and electronically send them to the kitchen from tableside.

Enhance the Customer Experience

The process of sitting down, perusing a menu and ordering food is something most customers have done thousands of times. Minutes of waiting for a server to take the order can feel like an eternity, and the entire experience can leave a patron feeling at the mercy of the whims of their server. That’s why using a mobile POS to engage the customer at the table can make such a difference.

When the time comes to settle the bill, customers can settle it with a few taps and even add the tip amount of their choice. Meanwhile, the server has more time to interact with patrons and explain drink and food specials.

Improve Efficiency with Modern Analytics and Reporting

The more you can chart the inner workings of your restaurant, the better you will be able to respond to trends, maximize the efficiency of your staff, keep food costs down and predict your upcoming inventory needs. The one-dimensional reporting systems of the past were of little use in these tasks. However, today’s systems let you have a great deal of control over what information you gather and how it is presented.

Today’s technology enables you to customize all of your dashboards, charts and reports to track virtually any aspect of your operation. Knowledge obtained in real time gives you the power to nip problems in the bud while simultaneously capitalizing on positive outcomes.

Of course, your business is much more than its automated systems. In the end, the delicious food you sell and the customer service you provide are what will keep people coming back. But with your modern mobile POS as an efficient, silent partner who works behind the scenes, you can give your staff the support they need to help you put your best foot forward.