Using NFC Technology for More Than Just Payments

Using NFC Technology for More Than Just Payments

Near-field communications (NFC) technology is quickly becoming as commonplace as the credit card. These days, customers are utilizing NFC payment processing to scan product information and prices as well as at checkout to pay for products – but these are only a few uses of this amazing innovation. Adopting NFC can help you take your business to the next level.

Thank Your Customers

Today’s buyers respond very positively to customer loyalty programs that reward them for patronizing your store on a regular basis. NFC can make setting up and maintaining a customer loyalty database easy. All the customer needs to do is to place her phone near your NFC reader in order to download discounts and other promotions. They can be accessed immediately at the register when she checks out.

Make Your Store More Efficient

With NFC, you can keep your finger on the pulse of the activity in all of your departments. Staff can use their NFC devices to announce their presence in a particular part of the store by checking in. They can also use it to clock in and out and to record their breaks. When additional help is needed in a certain part of your store, you can check staff whereabouts with a swipe of your phone and relocate them to where they are needed the most.

Added Accessibility for Disabled Customers

Smartphone technology in general and NFC specifically have revolutionized access for people with disabilities, particularly those who are blind or visually impaired. With a swipe of their NFC-enabled phone, they can use the text-to-speech technology that is built into the phone to access information about your products, their prices and even directions for their use.

Furthermore, navigational cues can be incorporated into NFC tags in public areas such as hotels, schools and museums. Best of all, this information can be beneficial not only to this small niche of consumers, but to virtually everyone seeking additional data or information about a product or a location.

Whether you own a small business with just a handful of employees or run a large corporation, NFC can transform the way you do business. Tasks such as time management, employee tracking and customer service can become streamlined in ways you could not possibly have imagined a few years ago. Take some time to think about the many ways NFC technology can increase your company’s efficiency and lead to more satisfied customers.