Using Push Messages to Market to Your Customers

Using Push Messages to Market to Your Customers

Among the countless capabilities of the omnipresent mobile phone is the ability to receive what is known as push messages. These targeted communications from businesses are designed to get a potential customer’s attention and persuade them to visit a retail location or make a purchase. As a business owner, you can’t afford to ignore the marketing potential of well-delivered push messages.

Make Your Push Messages Stand Out

Like it or not, the novelty of push messages has worn off. Unless they are unique and have specific value for your customers, they will be deleted with the swipe of a finger. That’s why you need to understand what your customers want and use your messages to deliver it in a way that does not happen with any other medium.

Be Sure Your Messages Are Effective

The most compelling push messages are personalized to each customer and take into account their particular relationship with your business. Therefore, it is important that you greet new customers with a welcome message shortly after they download your app.

Over time, you can send friendly and informative communications that tell your customer how your loyalty program works as well as letting them know if they will soon have enough points to take advantage of a reward.

Finally, there is nothing like instilling a sense of urgency into a message to convince a potential buyer to make a purchase. Sending a push message alerting your customer to a flash sale that only lasts two hours is only one of countless ways to make urgency work for you.

Analyze the Effectiveness of Your Messages

As with any other marketing strategy, it is important that you continuously take stock of how effectively your push messages are performing. Pay attention to the timing of your messages to learn if it makes more sense to send them in the morning, afternoon or evening and on which days. Look at your sales to see which particular messages piqued customer interest, and don’t hesitate to get feedback from buyers about what brought them to your business and why.

Many modern point-of-sale systems offer built-in marketing tools like the ability to send push messages, making these systems much more than a credit card reader. By taking advantage of these tools, you can target and attract your existing customer base, inspiring them to buy products and services. Take the time to integrate effectively crafted push messages into your marketing strategy, and your profit margin has an excellent chance of increasing.