Ways to Make Your Customers Feel More Comfortable Paying Online

Ways to Make Your Customers Feel More Comfortable Paying Online

More and more people are using the internet these days to shop for products and services. However, many remain squeamish about the security of online payment processing. Fortunately, there are some steps you can take to ease their concerns and increase the likelihood that you will get online business.

Make Your Website Your Best Ambassador

In many cases, the first impression people will have of your business happens when they visit your website. If it is clear and professional-looking, their confidence will go up a few notches. It is the virtual equivalent of having an appealing and clutter-free physical location where people can easily see the products on display and discuss them with friendly staff.

To that end, be sure that your site features a contact page that tells customers what you sell, who you are, and how you can be reached. Although it should go without saying, you need to follow through and respond to customer inquiries at the phone number or email address you provide as quickly as possible. Procrastinate and you risk losing them forever.

Back Your Polished Appearance with Website Security

Your reputation depends on ensuring that customers’ sensitive credit card information cannot be intercepted by criminals. To that end, you need to pay for the SSL security certificate that shows your customers that their payments are safe. While data breaches can still occur with even the best protection, they are highly unlikely to happen.

Don’t Be Afraid to Toot Your Own Horn

Are you a member of a trade association or the Chamber of Commerce? Have you received any awards? Displaying these as well as a high Better Business Bureau rating isn’t a matter of being egotistical; it shows potential customers that objective organizations have found you to be trustworthy. Don’t hide your light under a bushel; flaunt this precious recognition.

Go the Extra Mile For Security

Although it is not required that you take the additional step of requiring a customer’s CVV code when they make a purchase, doing so can actually make buyers feel more secure, especially during the holiday season when risk for credit card fraud is at a high. While they might groan inwardly at needing to pull out their card again to retrieve the information, most will be secretly relieved that your business is taking this added security step.

Also, consider investing in an address verification service that will flag suspicious purchases. Chargebacks will happen to every business owner at some point, but it is in your financial best interest to keep them to a bare minimum. Taking these precautions can help.

Make Your Purchase Process Simple and Transparent

Buyers don’t like being shuttled from one page to the next while they are in the process of making a purchase. With every jump, they fear that their information is less safe and more vulnerable to being hacked. Fortunately, you can still have a secure ecommerce platform that does not involve pop-ups or require visitors to leave your website to make their payment. If you’re not sure how to optimize your website for a more streamlined buying experience, contact your online payment processing provider.

In and of themselves, each of these steps is not time-consuming or too costly. Even so, incorporating them into your ecommerce strategy can make all the difference in the world. After all, a customer with peace of mind is much more likely to make their payments online, not only once but over and over again.