Join us for a rewarding career in payment processing.

Serve More Merchants to Grow Your Portfolio and Career

As a sales partner with Total Merchant Services, a North American Bancard company, you can provide merchants a vast array of free equipment options, and, with easy access to three processing platforms, you can offer competitive processing with fewer industry restrictions. Simply put, you can serve more merchants and grow your portfolio (and compensation) like never before.

Payment options

Best Compensation

Receive high bonus and lifetime residuals that are among the industry’s best.

set up payments

Free Payment Solutions

Offer merchants a full suite of solutions to accept payments and grow their business.


Three Processing Platforms

Board more merchant types with fewer industry restrictions.

marketing assistance

Free Training & Support

Get the support, training and marketing resources you need to succeed.

Reach Your Highest Compensation

Total Merchant Services and North American Bancard sales partners can earn high compensation serving merchants with their credit card processing needs. We’re one of the first ISOs (Independent Service Organizations) to provide lifetime residual income to our partners, and our revenue share and bonus programs are among the best in the industry. With our Peak Bonus Program, you can earn the highest bonuses in the industry while serving more merchants.

Gain an Advantage with Great Products and Competitive Pricing

Since 1996, Total Merchant Services has provided payment processing solutions to help merchants meet their needs. Now as a North American Bancard company, we offer a full suite of solutions that sales partners can offer to help merchants accept payments, grow their revenue, and manage their business.

Free Terminals

Placing free EMV-compliant and NFC-enabled terminals that process all payment types is a great way to sign up merchants – particularly those using out-of-date equipment that makes them liable for fraudulent charges.

Three Processing Platforms

Most processors have restrictions on the types of merchants or processing equipment they will accept. With easy access to three processing platforms, you can serve more merchants with more types of equipment.

Low Processing Rates

Total Merchant Services provides the lowest processing rates in the industry for credit, debit and internet processing transactions.

Free Point of Sale Systems

Our PayAnywhere Storefront system enables merchants to accept payments, manage their inventory and run their business. PayAnywhere Storefront has options for free placement as well as complete solution bundles.

Marketing Programs

Help your merchants increase sales, improve loyalty and attract customers with giftcard and loyalty programs.

Financing Programs

Offer processing merchants a cash advance to boost their success.

sales partner program

Get the Superior Support and Resources You Need

Whether you’re new to payment processing or an industry veteran, there are always things you can learn and do to improve your success. Our sales support team and marketing resources make it easy for you to manage and grow your business.

Dedicated Support Staff

Whether you’re sealing the deal on a new account or helping an existing merchant, our knowledgeable Sales Support Team is ready to assist with answers to your questions.

Easy Application Process

With same-day approval and an intuitive application process, we make it easy to sign-up new merchants with paper and online applications.

Partner Portal

Use our online portal to manage commissions and bonuses, quickly access information about your merchants, submit new applications, and access information on new features.

Free Training

We provide training and workshops designed specifically to help you learn how to sell our products and services. We also work to keep you up to speed on industry developments, so you can keep your competitive edge.

Mirrored Marketing Websites

An online presence can help enhance your professional appearance and drive your business. We have you covered with our free mirrored website program.

Marketing Collateral

Our sales partners can download and print sales materials and product information sheets through a convenient online portal.

Hear it From Our Sales Partners

“I just wanted to take a second and share with you what a great job your team does for my office.
They are available, prompt, highly knowledgeable, and always in a great mood. In eight years of doing business with you, I have never been more confident in TMS support than I am right now. Big Kudos.”
– Jeff

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“I would like to express my deep appreciation for TMS once again. My 1099 reflects another record year
of making income. It’s all because of TMS’ remarkable staff and programs and my diligent hard work. During these
economic hardship times TMS has delivered a solid, secure regime of consistency and financial security. It’s been five and a half years foe me with TMS. I look forward to another 30 of growing, positive, prosperous years to come.

Thank you SO MUCH TMS”

– Bill

“Just a note after a long hard day to say that I got an account that I wouldn’t have if it was not for your
great team! I stopped for lunch yesterday at a popular restaurant and saw a credit card machine down sign. Talked to owner’s brother and he said that it had been down for a week. I called his brother and he said if I can rush then he would sign. I am really impressed with the fast turnaround that I received and want to say how much I appreciate it.

THANKS FOR ALL Y’ALL DO!!! You really have it together.”

– Beverly

“In the almost two years that I have been with TMS I can speak for all of us out here to tell you all that
Total Merchant Services cannot be touched for its dedication to making people’s lives better. From the merchant
that is trying in these tough times to those of us out here that are the Processing Consultants. THANK YOU, THANK YOU,
and THANK YOU for being so nice and courteous. I am very proud to represent Total Merchant Services.”

– William