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Total Merchant Services Expands Integrated Payments Technology for Developers

Groovv Integrated Payments suite provides in-store, website, and online payments APIs and SDKs for easy and compliant payment integration


Woodland Hills, Calif. (March 27, 2017) – Total Merchant Services, a leader in payment services and solutions, today announced its expanded suite of Groovv Integrated Payments APIs and SDKs for software developers and Independent Software Vendors (ISVs). Free to implement, the tools make it easy for developers to integrate payments seamlessly into their software or websites while meeting compliance requirements. Further, ISVs using Groovv Integrated Payments in their point of sale (POS) or business management solutions earn revenue share when their customers process transactions.

Previously, Total Merchant Services launched an integrated in-store payment SDK with free EMV/NFC terminals. The company has upgraded that solution for even easier implementation, and it expanded its integrated payments suite to encompass omni-channel payments.

Groovv Integrated Payments now includes:

  • Groovv Payment Plugin SDK, featuring plug-and-play setup for in-store payments using countertop and/or mobile EMV/NFC terminals
  • In-Store API, which enables developers to customize integrations for EMV, NFC and all “card present” payments
  • Website Integration API, which provide easy integration via an embedded web form or hosted pay page
  • Online Payments API, which enables developers to customize integrations for all “card not present” phone, mail or online payments
  • Merchant Enrollment API, which streamlines the process of submitting applications for merchant accounts

Documentation and full descriptions are available on the new Groovv Developer Portal at

“The expanded Groovv Integrated Payments suite is a key milestone as we support omni-channel payments for an ever-growing portfolio of software development partners,” said Joe Kaplan, CEO of Total Merchant Services. “Now ISVs can use our solutions to support integration of in-store payments, website payments, and online payment capabilities such as recurring billing, without making significant investments in payment processing and associated compliance requirements.”

Total Merchant Services launched its initial integrated payments solution with a unique value proposition providing free equipment and a competitive revenue share program. The company has since expanded its support for ISV partners and their customers, offering:

  • A developer portal with full API and SDK descriptions, free documentation, and specifications to securely embed payments into software applications:
  • Generous revenue share and incentive programs
  • Dedicated integration support team
  • Free hardware for testing
  • Automated merchant boarding tools and processes
  • Turnkey sales and marketing solutions
  • Free equipment and fulfillment for merchants
  • Meet-or-beat processing rates for merchants
  • No-term contracts
  • 24/7 merchant support

“Total Merchant Services has helped our clients meet the payment acceptance challenges they face in a constantly evolving payments landscape, while mitigating concerns around PCI compliance and data security.” said Sarah Dirksen, Product Manager at Practice Director. “Our clients greatly appreciate Total Merchant Services’ price-match guarantee, free terminals, and other incentives, combined with the efficiency gains they achieve by integrating payments and using our platforms.”



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