Payments Hub Insights

Market Intelligence for Smarter Business Decisions.

Use Market Intelligence to Grow, Protect and Simplify Your Business

Payments Hub Insights monitors vital aspects of a merchant’s business automatically so business owners can better understand their revenue, customers and competing businesses. With data dashboards and message prompts, it helps you make better decisions and take the best actions for marketing, operations and more.

Analyze Market Data

Analyze Market Data

Improve sales by analyzing local data and learning how best to reach your customers.

Monitor Online Reviews

Monitor Online Reviews

Protect your reputation by responding to reviews on Yelp, Facebook, Google and more.

Track Competitors

Track Competitors

See how other businesses are performing and monitor their marketing activities.


Increase Sales by Understanding Your Customers

The best market intelligence helps you understand your customers. With Payments Hub Insights, you can:

  • Find your best customers and acquire more of them
  • Review “heat” maps to see where and how customers spend their money
  • Learn where to advertise to get the biggest return
  • Tailor promotions to drive revenue from new and returning customers
  • Understand the impact of your marketing efforts

Protect Your Online Reputation

Today, online reviews can make or break your business. Payments Hub Insights sends you automatic alerts when customers post about you online or rate your business on sites including Yelp, Facebook, Google and TripAdvisor.

You can then manage and respond to all online reviews from a single platform to:

  • Thank, explain or offer incentives
  • Engage with customers and answer questions
  • Create customer feedback programs
Online reputation
Improve business

Improve Your Business

Payments Hub Insights provides a 360-degree view of your business. With benchmarking snapshots, you can analyze your transaction data and uncover opportunities to better focus your activities. You can also compare your performance to nearby businesses and see how weather, holidays and events impact your revenue.

Track Competitors

It can be a challenge to compete for customers. Payments Hub Insights helps you learn how your competitors are winning customers from you.

  • See how similar nearby businesses are growing and where your business fits in
  • Monitor when competitors change their promotions, specials, hours, prices, menus and more
  • Learn from competitor marketing and operational changes and adjust accordingly
Track competitors
Business intelligence

Business Intelligence Made Easy

Data is valuable, but keeping track of it all can be overwhelming. Payments Hub Insights makes it easy.

  • 24/7 threat monitoring, with alerts sent via phone or email
  • Daily alerts, weekly snapshots and monthly summaries
  • One platform to monitor and respond to all social media comments and reviews
  • Clear benchmarking and reporting dashboards
  • Quick publishing tool for online listings and ads

Your Perfect Combination

Payments Hub Insights complements your payment processing solution to help increase sales, delight customers and become more profitable. With Total Merchant Services, you’re ready to grow!