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Online Reporting

Total Merchant Services is pleased to make merchant statements and reporting available online to our customers. We currently have two reporting sites, depending on your account setup.

Groovv Transactions and Payments Hub

Most TMS merchants should log in to the Groovv Transactions site as outlined below. However, merchants added after February 1, 2018 or those making inquiries to our support team may be directed to our newest reporting site, called Payments Hub.

Groovv Transactions Support Site

Groovv Transactions provides a number of robust reporting tools. For information on using the site and reading reports, please visit the Groovv Transactions Support Site.

Watch Video: Groovv Transactions Tour

GoToMyStatement (Global)

Long-term customers who regularly logged into their reporting (at least every 30 days) can continue to log in to the Go To My Statement site. Otherwise, call the Support team for new credentials and begin using the Groovv Transactions site.

Got Questions?

If you have questions about logging in to your statements, see Statements & Reporting under FAQ’s.

For additional questions or login credentials, please contact our Customer Care team at

888-848-6825 ext. 9400 or email us at